What’s the Dream that Your Business hasn’t Enabled Yet?
What if all your marketing made people want to buy… How quickly would your life change?
How long have you been working on your business? Most people have been trying for months or even several years without reaching the results they wanted when they started their business.
And it's not about a lack of effort.
You spend a lot of time, money, and energy on marketing. But your results don’t match the effort. You know you should get more customers. You know you and your products could help a lot more people. But they don’t seem to understand it.
How long will you continue before you decide to make things change? You can choose to do that right now. Even if you already make 6 or 7 figures, you can improve your results drastically by changing your marketing message.
Steve Horsmon, men's relationship coach
“I was feeling very scattered in my marketing approach for about 18 months. I was avoiding focusing my message…

Within 2 weeks of changing my homepage and focusing my email messages on my value proposition, I got more call requests, more email opens, and more clients paying for my high end program than I did in the previous 6 months.

It feels like a light has been turned on. Instead of feeling like I wasted time, I'm moving forward…to build a steady stream of clients I can depend on.”
When you know what exactly makes people want to buy what you sell, you can quickly change your and your family’s life.
No more guessing and hoping that you’re saying the right things with your marketing.

No more feeling overwhelmed because nothing seems to work.
Marketing doesn’t make anyone buy anything. Only the message you communicate with your marketing can make people want to buy.

Yet, most marketing advice, blogs, programs, books, courses, and even formal education focus on marketing tactics, tools, and strategies—not on how to figure out the exact marketing message that would make people want to buy.

For example, you could probably find a course that teaches how to use Facebook advertising. But unless you already know what ideas make people want to buy from you, it doesn’t matter how well you use Facebook ads since your results rely primarily on the message you communicate—not how well you use a tactic.

No matter what you do or how many hours you put in, as long as your marketing doesn’t communicate a stronger message, your results won’t change significantly. They can’t.

But you can choose to change your business’s future. You can follow practical steps to find the exact marketing message that makes people want to buy from you.
What Makes People Want to Buy
You can easily find lots of general advice around this topic, but it’s not enough to know “what keeps your customers up at night” or “what are their most frustrating problems.”

Sure, those are good questions. But if creating a strong marketing message would be that easy, every business owner would already be a millionaire.

So, what really makes people want to buy?

Simply put, ideas that make them understand and believe that your product or service gives them what they want.
I know that sounds simple. But seriously, what more would it take?

People aren’t all that complicated. Of course, we’re all unique, we all have different desires, we all want different things.

But we still buy things based on a very simple decision making process. If we understand that a product gives us what we want with a reasonable investment, we buy it.

And when you know how to make people understand what your products and services can give them, there’s no reason left for you to not reach the dreams you have.
The message you communicate with your marketing—the ideas people understand thanks to your marketing—define your results.

If those ideas make people see how valuable your products or services would be for them, they buy. But if your message doesn’t make people understand how you could help them, they have no reason to remember you.

Creating a message that hits the mark has always been the most important part of building a business. Yet, it’s the most overlooked aspect in marketing.

Sure, it’s not as sexy or glamorous as viral marketing or social media. But without the right message—without knowing the ideas you need to communicate—all those great (and fun) marketing tactics fall flat.

But you can now choose to create the targeted marketing message that your potential customers need to hear, so they want to buy. All you need to do is follow practical, straightforward instructions.

As soon as you focus your marketing on the clear message you craft during the Your Targeted Marketing Message program, people will easily see the greatest value in what you sell. And they’ll be happy to buy because the can see how it will help them get what they want.

In each of the five modules, you get clearer about what makes the greatest difference to your future customers, so you can say the right things in your marketing. You get to help more people, more people’s lives will be better for it, and you get the freedom to live whatever way you want.
Serban Chinole, ICF coach mentor
“I have been working on my website copy and branding for more than 3 years with marginal results. Trying to follow what many info-marketers were presenting as a simple path, I felt more and more swamped and unsure.

When Peter launched his training, I jumped on the wagon. Now I have defined value propositions for two of my products; one was tested with good results in a campaign. Understanding the exact message to use in my campaign helped me convert more people. Total turnover was around 15K euros, and I will run this campaign again hoping to double the results.

The [Your Targeted Marketing Message] program is detailed and has concrete case studies that you can follow and choose one similar to your product/service.”
Module 1: What’s Most Important for Your Customers
What people often forget—even when they talk about improving marketing—is that we can’t make everyone want to buy from us. No matter what we sell, it’s not the perfect choice for everyone.

So, to create a marketing message strong enough to make lots of people want to buy, we have to know what kind of people we target and what exactly those people want most. That’s how we get to make the greatest difference—as long as we try to help everyone, we’ll struggle to help anyone.

And that’s what you’ll do in the first module. You identify the specific types of people who are your “target customers” and what’s most important for them.

When you know exactly how they think and what they want, you can identify the greatest differences your products and services would make in their lives and how to make them understand those results.
Module details:

1 walkthrough video (14:03)
Video download (mp4)
Audio download (mp3)
Transcript (PDF)
Slides (PDF)
1 exercise file (PDF, Word, Pages)
Highlights of what you’ll learn and do:
  • 3 ways to gain deeper insight to what your customers want most—even if you can’t ask previous customers to help
  • What people are happy to pay for—and what they’re happy to pay the most for
  • 5 simple ways to choose your target customers if you haven’t made a clear choice yet
  • How to convince “influencers” and “decision makers”—something you might need to do even if you don’t sell to companies
  • When and how to use multiple target customers to multiply your results
Module 2: What Makes Your Products and Services Irresistibly Desirable
We all like to think that we’re unique. And we are.

But in some ways we all think and act alike. One of those things is how we choose what we buy.

In simple terms, we look at the benefits we believe we’ll get from a product and compare it to the price and effort of using it. If the tradeoff seems reasonable, we buy.

So, when we want to help people with our products and services, we have to show the logical and emotional benefits that they’ll see as most desirable. When we do that right, the decision for them is easy. They hardly need to stop to consider because the benefits are so clearly worth much more than what we’re asking for.

When you know what your target customers think is most desirable and how to turn all your products’ and services’ features into meaningful benefits that actually make a difference in your marketing, you can make your products quite literally irresistible.
Module details:

1 walkthrough video (11:51)
Video download (mp4)
Audio download (mp3)
Transcript (PDF)
Slides (PDF)
1 exercise file (PDF, Word, Pages)
Highlights of what you’ll learn and do:
  • 4 ways to find the most desirable benefits of what you sell, so you can highlight what people want most
  • How to find all the benefits of what you sell—likely dozens you’ve never thought of before
  • How to improve the benefits in 3 fundamentally different ways—without changing what you sell—to make people see the full value of what you can do for them
  • How to identify the top benefits your customers want more than everything else combined
Module 3: How You Will Stand Out from the Competition, so People Notice Your Message
Unless your customers live in secluded rainforest tribes, they see marketing constantly. Your message has to stand out or no one will notice.

Even if you wouldn’t like the idea of trying to get attention, you need to know what people will notice. If you don’t, there’s nothing you can do to reach any greater goals you have.

Especially if you have lots of competitors or some of them are bigger and better-known than you, you need to know how to stand, otherwise they’ll overpower you with their marketing budgets and reputation. But when you know what to look for, it’s likely that you’ll feel almost like your competitors are helping you—or to be exact—you’ll know how to leverage something they’re likely to do.

Many companies rely on just brute force to keep their heads above the surface—because they don’t know better. They spend millions to flood TV, magazines, and seemingly every corner of the Internet with their advertisements.

But spending tons of money isn’t necessary when your marketing message is enough on its own to make people pay attention. And that’s what happens when your message clearly differentiates you from your competitors and alternatives.
Module details:

2 walkthrough videos (7:01 & 6:03)
Video downloads (mp4)
Audio downloads (mp3)
Transcripts (PDF)
Slides (PDF)
2 exercise files (PDF, Word, Pages)
Highlights of what you’ll learn and do:
  • How to find the things that make you stand out from the competition most clearly, so people will notice your marketing
  • What kinds of benefits you shouldn't talk about in your marketing—even if they're great benefits
  • How your competitors dictate what you should never say in your marketing—this can save you countless marketing dollars
  • How your competitors practically help you—even if they’re big, well-established competitors, they’re likely to make your job easier when you know what to do
  • Why the most common way to attempt standing out from the competition almost never works
  • Why you should almost never call your products or services “the best,” and what you need to do instead to give people a great reason to buy
Elayne Summers, quality control consultant
"I was stuck trying to develop my value proposition on my own. I had spent hours thinking what I need to say to make people want my services. I couldn't quite see on my own what the 'gold nuggets' were that would excite a client enough to hire my company.

I wanted something heartfelt & concise with enough details to demonstrate my credibility. I also wanted a statement that I could feel confident expressing when I meet a potential client.

Peter's focus and questions helped me take all those detailed notes, thoughts & lists & refine them into an overarching broader set of offerings that I am proud to talk about. I can see it in people's eyes that they understand what I'm saying now & how beneficial my services could be to solving their issues.
Module 4: How You Can Make People Believe What You Say
Even the best, most persuasive marketing message loses all its effect if people don’t believe it.

And you’d be surprised by how few marketing messages are believed. People doubt everything you say in marketing by default. It’s just how we are.

The better your products and services are, the harder it is for people to believe you. So, when you could make the greatest change, people have doubts created by their past experiences. Unfortunately, you have to overcome those experiences to get to help people and change your own life in the process, too.

To make your marketing message have the impact it can have, you need to know how to make each idea believable. And you might need to use different methods to prove every idea.

But when you know the four fundamental ways to make people believe all your marketing messages, you’ll be surprised by the difference to your results. It’s likely that you’re currently missing out on at least 50% of sales just because people don’t really believe what you’re telling them with your marketing.

Module details:

1 walkthrough video (15:44)
Video download (mp4)
Audio download (mp3)
Transcript (PDF)
Slides (PDF)
1 exercise file (PDF, Word, Pages)
Highlights of what you’ll learn and do:
  • The easiest way to make people believe what you say without questions or scrutiny—and all you need to do is reorder your marketing counter intuitively
  • The 4 fundamental ways to make people believe your marketing messages
  • How you can use stories to make people feel like you understand them, so they can buy confidently
  • Perhaps the best and simplest testimonial/case study structure that you can use to get almost-too-good-to-be-true testimonials—and still, they’re more believable than average testimonials
  • When and how to reference studies or facts to prove what you’re saying
  • The most effective—completely doubt-killing—way to make people believe your products and services are at least as good as you say
Module 5: What Exact Ideas All Your Marketing Should Focus On
Imagine you knew exactly what ideas you needed to focus on with your marketing. You wouldn’t have to guess what to say—you’d know what ideas will make people want to buy.

When you know all the things you’ve learned from the previous modules, you can put together a strong marketing message you can confidently and easily repeat in all marketing to get great results. When you do that, the results you’ve been working for will become far easier to reach.

Whether you’re after your first million, a new house, four family vacations per year, or just the pleasure of changing the world, finding the message that makes people see why they should buy from you makes one of the biggest differences to how quickly you can do it.
Module details:

1 walkthrough video (12:27)
Video download (mp4)
Audio download (mp3)
Transcript (PDF)
Slides (PDF)
1 exercise file (PDF, Word, Pages)
Highlights of what you’ll learn and do:
  • How many ideas you should focus on to have the maximum impact
  • What’s the most important single idea people need to hear to want to buy from you
  • What specific aspect of you and your products/services makes people see you as a clearly different (and better) choice than any of your competitors
  • Why you often shouldn’t lead with the seemingly most desirable aspect of what you can give people
Bonus Module: How to Get Even Better Results with Smart, Advanced Marketing
When you know the exact ideas you need to communicate to make people want to buy from you, a whole new set of opportunities appears.

You can suddenly create marketing that cuts out all the fluff that usually plagues marketing making it lose most of its potential effect.

And you can make every detail in your marketing—even the pictures you use—make people see greater reasons to buy.

You’ll learn to use different types of value propositions to make each of your products and services more desirable and to make people want to subscribe to your email list or contact you.

You’ll be able to improve your marketing results far beyond what’s typically seen as reasonable. And that’s just because you’re making it impossible for people to miss how you could help them.

And the detailed before-and-after examples are filled with additional insights to how you can make your marketing messaging push you to your goals faster and easier.
Module details:

2 walkthrough videos (11:51 & 23:47)
Video downloads (mp4)
Audio downloads (mp3)
Transcripts (PDF)
Slides (PDF)

Detailed before-and-after examples:

Business homepage
Product sales page
Product advertisement
Contact/quote request page
Highlights of what you’ll learn and do:
  • What you should emphasize when describing what you do to make people instantly interested to learn more
  • How to make your product advertisements and sales pages communicate the ideas that have maximum impact
  • How to make any specific action (clicking a button, contacting you, etc.) desirable
  • How to answer when someone asks, "What do you do?" to get their attention
  • How to improve your message even more with systematic advertisement testing (advanced strategy)
  • What your tagline/slogan should be to capture people’s attention
Start-to-Finish Example Value Propositions
The process of creating a clear, effective marketing message is the same regardless of what type of business you have. But you get a collection of start-to-finish examples you can use for inspiration and to see how other businesses would do things.

The examples:
  • Local service business (B2C) — A sports medical center
  • Product manufacturer (B2B) — An industrial sewing machine manufacturer
  • E-commerce business (B2C) — An audio recording equipment store
  • Corporate service business (B2B) — An employee productivity consultancy
  • Information business (B2C) — Exercise program business
  • Non-profit organization — Wells to poor countries
  • Blog — Art photography blog
Bonus: How to Quickly and Easily Write a Record-Breaking Sales Page for Any Product or Service
I’ve written a lot of copy—even for some very well-known people and companies. And I’ve done even more conversion rate optimization work—also for some very well-known companies and people.

And nothing—seriously, nothing—has ever made as big of a difference to sales results than how strong the message is and how well it’s communicated.

You’ll get a template you can use to sell any type of a product or service. All you need to do is put your value proposition in it, and you have a page that’s far better than most sales pages.

To be clear, it’s not a “fill in the blanks” template. Those, of course, don’t work. Instead, it’s a structure template that forces you to showcase, clearly, the ideas that make the greatest difference to your customers.

Using the template cuts away the need to stare at a blank screen and worry if you’re going to get your message across.
Jeffrey Veffer, architect
“We knew what we did, but it was never crystal clear to us how we would relate that to potential clients. We started looking at our target clients…and then we could tailor the way we talked about what we did to account for their motivations and tailor our products to those motivations.

We were able to uncover a hidden area in the market, and that has positioned us for success. It would be easy to say that it was all ‘smooth sailing,’ but I don’t want anyone to think that getting a clear value proposition is as simple as writing down a few sentences.

We had a big backlog of things we were trying to get through the pipeline that we couldn’t finish without a clear value proposition—things like marketing materials and advertising. We were stuck, and this process freed up a lot of the things, and the results followed quickly.

It’s essential to have a value proposition from the get go with your business.”
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
If you aren't thrilled with it, you get your money back. No problem.
You will learn a process that works for every type of business. As long as you want people to buy something—or do anything else—the process works for you.

The process works for:
  • Businesses that sell to consumers (B2C)
  • Businesses that sell to companies (B2B)
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Product businesses
  • Service businesses
  • Local businesses
  • Online businesses
  • Any other types of businesses you can imagine
  • Blogs that want to grow their audience
  • Parents who want to make a teenager do their homework and go to bed early
If you have any trouble going through the program (for example, you don't understand something), you'll get help. Just send an email to contact {at} petersandeen {dot} com with your question. So, there's no way you won't improve your results with this process.

But if you aren’t happy with the results you get by going through the program or something else, you get your money back. Just send an email to contact {at} petersandeen {dot} com. Just tell me what about the program disappointed you, so I can improve. I won't judge your reasons—just want to know what they are, so I can improve. Fair?
I don’t understand “no questions asked” guarantees—to me they sound like “we don’t care to improve” guarantees. I hope you agree that it’s worthwhile to get feedback. So, to be able to improve the program and make sure it remains the most practical, straightforward, and comprehensive training on creating a persuasive marketing message (=a strong value proposition), I need to hear what about the program didn’t meet your expectations, so I know what to change, so no one else runs into trouble. Detailed terms...
Create Your Targeted Marketing Message, which Makes People Want to Buy
and finally get the results you’ve been working for.
Immediate, full lifetime access to Your Targeted Marketing Message program—$997 value

Advanced bonus module on radically improving your marketing results—$297 value

Start-to-finish example value propositions—$97 value

How to quickly and easily write a record-breaking sales page for any product or service (delivered in April)—$197 value

Total value: $1,588
You save 67% with an easy payment plan: 3 monthly payments of $175.
Or save an additional $50 with a single payment.
Choose your payment method on the next page.
Leah McClellan, editor
“Peter’s course made a huge difference in my marketing—and my results. The clear steps, detailed examples, and worksheets helped me better understand my customers, my competition, and even my own products and services.

Now, instead of feeling frustrated, I feel confident.

This is the only course I need. Thanks Peter!”
Does it work for my kind of businesses?
Yes. The process works for every kind of business because it’s not tied to a business model. Instead, you find out the best, most persuasive reasons for your target customers to want to buy from you—that process is universal.
I have a new business. Can I still create a strong marketing message?
Yes. You might need to go back and forth a bit more to fine tune things if you don’t have all the details nailed down yet. But otherwise the process works the same way for new and well-established companies.
I don’t have a business (yet). I just want to grow my blog audience. Does this help?
Yes. You can use the process to find the exact marketing message that makes people want to subscribe to your updates.
How does this program compare to other marketing programs?
Typically marketing programs focus on teaching how to use certain marketing tactics, tools, or strategies. They almost never more than scratch the surface of the topic of what message you should communicate with all those tactics, tools, and strategies. I don’t think it’s a flaw—they just teach something else.

Compared to other programs on messaging, Your Targeted Marketing Message is more strategic, comprehensive, and practical. I built it because people regularly hired me after consuming everything they could find about messaging and value propositions—including multiple expensive programs—without seeing significant results.

Additionally, even though I say so myself, this program makes a unique process clear. So, even though the process isn’t available elsewhere, you should never be left baffled about how to move forward. But at the same time, the content is comparatively advanced—approximately 50% of my clients are marketing professionals, and I go through the same process with them.
I like a specific marketing tactic/tool/strategy. Does this help me get significantly better results with that tactic?
Yes. From your potential customers’ perspective, the tactics you use is irrelevant. What they care about—and what determines if they want to buy or not—is the message/ideas you communicate with your marketing tactics/tools/strategies. So, whatever is your favorite marketing method, your results will change as soon as you change the message you communicate.
Our customers are companies. Does this still work?
Yes. The process works exactly the same way for B2B and B2C companies. Approximately 50% of my clients are B2B companies, and I’ve never had any reason to adjust the process. There are two start-to-finish example value propositions in the program made for B2B companies, so you’ll see how the steps work.
I work in a non-profit organization. Does this process help us get more donors?
Yes. The process isn’t tied to for-profit companies. You can use the same exact steps to find the marketing message that makes people want to donate to your cause. One of the start-to-finish example value propositions in the program is made for a non-profit just to show there’s no difference.
I have lots of large competitors. Does this still work?
Yes. If anything, it’s even more important for you to create a strong, targeted marketing message because otherwise your competitors can easily overpower you with larger marketing budgets. You’ll even learn how you can make the most of a mistake your competitors are likely to make—and when you do, you stand out from the competition easily and much more clearly than before.
How long does the process take to complete?
You get full access to the program immediately, so this varies depending on how well you know your customers, your business, and your industry. For reference, I can go through the entire process of creating a new value proposition in about half an hour to an hour for a business I know well. But most people will spend a few hours when they do it the first time. If you aren't familiar with your customers and products/services, it will make the process slower, but at the same time you will gain invaluable insights you'd need anyway, so the additional time it takes isn't really time away from other things.
What if I have an idea about what would make the program better?
That's great! Send an email to contact {at} petersandeen {dot} com, and we'll see if we can implement your idea. This is the most practical and complete training on the topic, and if something makes it even better, easier to use, or more comprehensive, we want to do it.
What if I lose my access details?
No problem. Just send an email to contact {at} petersandeen {dot} com, and we’ll sort it out.
What if I don’t understand something in the program? Can I get help?
Yes, absolutely! If you don’t understand something, the start-to-finish examples will likely be enough to clear things. But in case not, just send an email to contact {at} petersandeen {dot} com, and we’ll figure things out together.
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